An Outlook Add-in to take care of Contacts

1 Is Your Contacts blank like this?

2 "Contacts Update Form"is sent via
Email to your contacts

3 Recipients reply the email by updating
their details

4 Allow Contacts Clinic to Process
your Inbox Emails

5 Done! Outlook Contacts Updated

Contacts Clinic is an Outlook add-in and helps to manage your Contacts. This innovative Outlook plug-in has smart features that allow Microsoft Outlook users to Automatically Update, Organize and Maintain their Outlook Contacts.

The Hands Free Outlook address book updater saves users a great deal of time and manual effort. The Contacts Clinic Microsoft Outlook add-ons include 1) Automatic Outlook Contacts Updater 2) Extract Email IDs from Incoming message 3) Import Mass Email IDs from a file 4) Remove Duplicate Contacts 5) Remove Bounced Email ids from Outlook Contacts 6) Backup Contacts.

Contacts Maintenance Tool Kit

  • Automatic MS Outlook Contacts Updater
  • Extracts emails from Outlook Messages
  • Scan bounced messages & remove invalid Contacts
  • Duplicate contacts remover
  • Backup Contacts folder
  • No 3rd party data handling - 100% Risk Free!.

Automatic Outlook Contacts Updater

In 3 Easy Steps your MS Outlook Contacts are Up-to-date !

Step 1: You - Send "Contacts Update Form Email" to the people in your Outlook Contacts
Step 2: Recipients - Fill/Edit the Form and Send back to you
Step 3: You - Click "Process Updates" button, and your Contacts are Automatically updated

Contacts Clinic saves you Days and Hours updating the Outlook Contacts manually.

Other Thoughtful Features

- Convenient Tools bars in Microsoft Outlook bar
- Ticker in Contacts Clinic Tool bar for viewing processed results
- Easy Wizard Module for user Friendly Operation
- Contacts Update Form has Editable Header, Footer and Subject line (to include signature, personal message etc)
- Contacts Update Form's Field names can be edited to any Language (ex: "Email" to )