Spam Filter

@Spam for MS Outlook is an innovative plug-in software to filter spam. It has been launched specifically for the Outlook environment. The goal of @Spam is to provide Outlook users with a Spam free in-box.
@Spam’s powerful Multi-Filter system verifies all incoming mails and blocks spam before entering the in-box.

Take Control over Spam Mails in MS Outlook with @Spam’s Next Generation Spam Filter Technology & User Defined Filters! @Spam’s Robust Multi-Filter System verifies and quarantines the Spam & Junk mails, providing the Outlook users a Spam Free In-box.

Spam Filters:

1) Header based Filters
2) Logical Filters
3) Built-In & User Defined Content Filter
4) Black List Filters using Emails,Domains & IP Address
5) *Commented Words Filter
6) Country Filter
7) Non-English Mail Filter etc.

1) Logical Anti-Filters
2) *Content based Anti-Filters using Business Keywords
3) Friends List Anti-Filters using Emails,Domains & IP Address etc.

Punishing & Ancillary Tools:
1) Report Spammers
2) Bounce Spam Messages
3) *Mail Hits & Parse Functions
4) *Import/Export Filters
5) *Spam definition updates
6) Graphical Statistics
7) *Provides Reason for Quarantining a mail etc.

@Spam is as easy as 1…2…3.@Spam is a definite valuable tool to all kinds of Corporate to Personal user.