Support & Maintenance

Designing and developing the website are just the beginning part of online businesses. The website maintenance is a vital part in its continuing success. Website maintenance includes revising, editing, enhancing or changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date.

Our support and maintenance services help you to achieve your business goals and objectives, by providing on-time support and value-added maintenance services. Our web maintenance team works on search engine optimization, adding new content, bug fixing, enhancing existing applications, and constant 24 x 7 technical support.

We are not only offering you the application maintenance by updating your website with latest marketing trend, but also providing you effective system administration services to avail the advantage of daily management of systems, servers and other network devices. We ensure that our system administration services and security solutions render you a maximum profit.

Our Support services use ticket system that makes thing easy for you. You can create a ticket that goes right to our Support team by just sending in an email.

Once received your email, our support team will do the following things.

  • Estimate how much time the work will take
  • If the work will take less than an hour, then start the work immediately
  • If the work will take more than an hour, then email you our estimate
  • If the work seems as an enhancement, then email you our estimate and wait for your approval before we start
  • When the work is completed, our support team will send you an email that gives you the changes done by us

Our Maintenance and Support services include:

  • Revising, editing or changing existing web pages
  • Enhancing existing applications
  • Bug fixing
  • Maintenance of Website, Portals, Server and Database
  • Services offered on a contract or hourly basis
  • Constant technical support
Maintenance Support

We offer you cost-effective support & website maintenance services and take on the task of routine website maintenance to existing web sites and make whatever changes are needed when required. Our website maintenance service is easy to use. Simply email us the changes and they promptly get taken care of within 24-48 hours (or less).