Node.js Development

Selecting the right framework for your application development becomes a long way in deciding how you use your resources. Nowadays, we are having a broad scope of frameworks to pick from. Srimax’s expertise in multiple frameworks can help you to find the opt one keeping in mind your fore-casted business growth. Our expertness in observing the right architecture for scalability and efficiency would not only bear you delivers your business better but also would cut down the resources spent for it.

Mouthing about the right frameworks, Node.js extends a platform to build fast, scalable network applications easily. Node.js is event-driven, server-side JavaScript runtime environment for ‘highly scalable’ network and ‘real-time’ applications. Its lightweight runtime enables speedy development and deployment. As a result, Node.js is a potent solution for prompt development, where iteration usually involves working in vertical slits.

Srimax supplies the downright best technical and business perceptivities into using Node.js effectively. Our proficient team of Node.js development creates both the server-side and client-side qualitative data-intensive applications as well as performance analysis tools at affordable prices.

We’ll be glad to bring together an existing team using Node.js or serve you building an application from scratch. We will take you to the ethereal point of certainty that no one else can match.

Our Node.js Development Services include:

  • Real Time Chat Applications
  • Application & System monitoring Dashboard
  • Web APIs
  • Real Time Statistics Display
  • Heavy load Web Applications