Intranet Solutions

Intranet Application Service

Intranets are like the Internet but access to the facilities is restricted to a company or group. Your intranet can be an extension of your Web site, accessible remotely through any Internet connection via password verification.

In short, Intranet = private Internet.

Intranet is a very powerful and useful way of Information sharing among group members within your organization. Employees can exchange the information fast and accurately through Intranet.

Thus, an Intranet is a cost-effective solution for a company that needs to provide information to its employees like meeting room bookings, holiday bookings and internal telephone directories. You can also link an Intranet to your existing website so that certain data can be dynamically exported to it.

Our Intranet Services include:

  • Schedule of Classes
  • Faculty Schedules
  • Room Schedules
  • Control Access to Files and Directories
  • Registration Holds
  • Study Lists
  • Grades
  • Academic History
  • Degrees Awarded
  • Address/Telephone Verification