Impact of Online Reviews on Sales

Impact of Online Reviews on Sales
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Now a days, the Online Reviews plays a vital role to help the customers to select the best products by understanding its features and usage. Really, most of people read Reviews before buying a product or service.

Impact of Online Product Reviews on Sales

Statistics about Online Reviews:

The latest statistics points that 90% of Customers read Online Reviews and 88% of them trust the Online Reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Also 72% of the Customers say that the Positive reviews force them to trust the products or service and make them to purchase.

And 86% of the Consumers say that they hesitate to purchase a product or service which has negative Online Reviews.

22 percent of people are more likely to share good experiences than bad, with just 9 percent of people most likely to discuss about negative experiences.

These statistics show exactly about the Online Reviews and its impact over the Customers and their purchase.


Mainly, the customers expect real reviews will be given by the original review sites/platforms.

There are a lot of such original review platforms available in market. Among them FinancesOnline Reviews of B2B and SaaS products are good one and help the online users to choose the perfect software/service. It provides one and all including the Features, Usage, Pricing and Feasibilities of the Sofware/Services.

Output Messenger Review by FinancesOnline:

We are glad to inform you all that our Private Instant Messenger software Output Messenger got reviewed by FinancesOnline and received following two awards.

  • Great User Experience Award
  • Rising Star Award

Also got higher User Satisfaction Rank and Score as well as got the 5th position among top 50 Communication software products.

You can have a look at the following page to know more about Output Messenger Review.

Output Time Review by FinancesOnline:

Our Project Management software Output Time, which is available as Online and Self-hosted project management systems, also got reviewed by FinancesOnline.

Output Time received Rising Star award as well as got higher User Satisfaction Rank and Score.

You can have a look at the following page to know more about Output Time Review.

Welcome your Reviews

We are waiting also to get your valuable Reviews / Rating about our Products on the following respective environments.

Your reviews will surely help us as well as the people who expect the Instant Messaging / Project Management tools for their Team to improve the Team Collaboration and Productivity.

Feel free to tell us what do you think about our Products.

Review the Instant Lan Messenger app at:

Review the On-Premise Project Scheduler app at:

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