Our state of art product brings your entire office in your desktop. Private Instant Messaging Solution for all businesses.


Our Messenger can be used for:

LAN  :  To chat on LAN / WAN, Multiple Sub networks & Terminal Service Clients

VPN  :  Messenger for office communication between Virtual Private Network Users & Local Area Network Users

ANYWHERE  :  Link your multiple office branch & remote users smartly through internet by using Link Server pro / Chat Server Account

Key features include:

  • Personal & Group Messaging and Voice Communication
  • Offline Message, Internal Mail, Remainders and Alert Notes
  • Peer-to-Peer Server-less technology ideal for small businesses and home users, and Client/Server architecture ideal for large corporates
  • Link Server Pro offers array of features such as Link Server Pro Manager, Office Wall, Live Support, Ombro, Ommobi, Web Admin
  • Cluster Link Server will be useful for providing Customer Support to clients, link multiple branch Link Server Pro users

Benefits include:

  • Transfer the files Securely and Safely within Single and Remote Offices from anywhere in the world
  • Quick installation and Ready to Use in less than a minute
  • Lightweight, Power-full and Fast and Integrable
  • Lifetime License, Onetime Cost, Free Upgrades, Unlimited Support
  • Available on all the platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile, Android, iPhone, iPad, Web Browser)

Download our OMessenger at