Ajax Web Development

Ajax Technology is considered to be a prime tool for Rich Internet Applications.
Ajax, Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, is a combination of techniques (XHTML, JavaScript, XMLHttpRequest and DOM) that involves dynamically pulling needed data from Web Server instead of reloading entire page.

AJAX is a simple and advanced interface technology that provides extended visual service, desktop interactivity and functionality. Often, AJAX applications are described as being “like a desktop application in the browser” which are significantly more responsive than traditional web applications, and they can provide levels of interactivity similar to those of desktop applications.

Advantages of Ajax Technique:

  • Fast and Interactive
  • Limit unneeded data Transfer
  • Reduce the load of Web Server
  • Resplendent user interfaces providing ease of Management and Administration
  • Real time data interaction and display
  • No need to install any browser plug-in

At srimax, our dedicated web developers has gained good skills in Ajax development by solving our various customer needs. Nearly, in all our website developments we applied Ajax Technology at needed places and also make sure the pages are Search Engine Friendly. Our skilled experts spend time for understanding your exact requirements so the final product matches your requirements.

Further, AJAX being an open source platform, we have the capability to modify the functionality of this software to ensemble our clients needs.